Clay Desiccant

Clay Desiccant

We are the manufacturers of “Eco-desiccants” having manufacturing facilities in Pune. “Eco-desiccant” is environmental friendly moisture adsorbing material having vigorous adsorption capacity over large temperature range i.e. it removes moisture from air very aggressively.

  • It contains highly activated clay which is chemically inert & non-corrosive.
  • It adsorbs moisture without changing the physical shape of the particles.
  • It contains montmorillonite clay along with mixture of other additives so as to make it highly absorbing material.
  • It has a very high capacity adsorption of moisture compared to any other desiccant.
  • More over, it is totally non- toxic. The adsorption capacity is min 70% at RH 99% & 25 degrees.
  • It can be disposed off very easily after use.
  • The clay desiccant pouches are made up of a very special material “NW fabric / Spun bounded fabric”, which ensures very good breathing for the moistures vapours so as to ensure maximum efficiency of desiccant. Such fabric material does not allow the water molecules to move out of pouches. Thus once water vapours are absorbed by clay desiccant, it does not allow water to go out of pouches. This is full proof protection of your goods till the time it reaches the end destination.
  • The result is a tough durable sheet structured with an impressive combination of properties for packaging opportunities. It has excellent tear resistance.
  • It is available in various sizes from 5 gm pouch to 1.5 Kg pouch.
  • Our product meets to international standards like Mil-D-3464 E.

The big size pouches ( 1Kg- 1.5 Kg) are called as “Eco-desiccant container dry pouches.”

Container Dry pouches has a large adsorption area as water can be adsorbed from both sides of the bag. This results in a very high adsorption rate.

The adsorption characteristics of Clay + additives provide Container dry with a superior adsorption capacity, even at low humidity levels, and the ability to effectively protect cargo through out the entire voyage.

A high equilibrium moisture adsorption capacity of more than 70% at 99% RH.(25°C) ensures that the goods will be protected for a longer period over transportation time from the fluctuations of temperature and humidity conditions of the container.

We can also supply high capacity adsorption heavy duty desiccant pouches, which has adsorption capacity up to more than 300%. This is the one-time solution for many issues.

Product Damage Due To Moisture

Following photographs show the extent of damage (after reaching to final destination overseas) due to moisture if proper desiccants are not used during packing of final product.


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