Regular & Heavy Duty Paper Angle Boards

Regular & Heavy Duty Paper Angle Boards

  • The Regular duty paper angle boards & Heavy duty paper angle boards are used for the protection of products and for the reinforcement of existing packing boxes.
  • Manufactured from virgin craft paper, natural adhesives so is recyclable.
  • Environmental friendly.
  • It avoids any damage which may occur during transportation and handling of products.
  • Protects the product against strapping damages.
  • Increases the stacking strength of corrugated box internally.
  • Avoids the shifting of the palletized goods & keeps the goods together.

Available in following sizes :

Sr. No. Width (mm)Thickness (mm)Length (mm)
150 x 504 - 5As reqd.
260 x 604 - 5As reqd.
375 x 755 - 6As reqd.

Any other size required by customer can be manufactured.


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