Silica Gel

Silica Gel

Silica gel is highly porous, granular, amorphous form of silicon-dioxide & is used as moisture absorbing material from many decades.

There are two types of silica gel pouches :

  • Indicating type (Blue)
  • Non indicating type (White)

Both types of pouches are available with us ranging from 2 gm, 3 gm, 5 gm, 10 gm, 50 gm, 100 gm weight of each pouch.

  • Silica gel pouches can be manufactured by us in special spun bounded fabric or non woven fabric.
  • It’s absorption capacity is appx. 30% at RH 99%.
  • White, blue / orange silica gel pouches can be manufactured by us as per customer’s demand.
  • These pouches are widely used in pharmaceuticals, engineering, automobile, electronics industries as desiccant pouches for protecting their products from moisture.


Multitechdesiccant’s Silica Gel Pouches are the perfect solution for keeping moisture and mildew away from sensitive items. The pouches are made from premium grade non-toxic silica gel and feature a convenient resealable design for easy reuse. They’re great for preventing corrosion, mould, and oxidation and are ideal for long-term storage.

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