VCI Bags & VCI Papers

VCI Bags & VCI Papers

VCI (Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor) Bags & VCI Papers

  • VCI Bags & VCI Papers are manufactured by us. It is available ex-stock. We make the VCI bags as per customers requirements i.e. 2D or 3D. (2 dimensional & 3 dimensional bags)
  • VCI film is a transparent, bluish or yellowish special polyethylene film; it is nitrite- and amine-free and features active VCI corrosion protection on both sides. It is waterproof and heat sealable.
  • VCI film continuously releases small amounts of active substances into the atmosphere inside the packaging. These released active substances would protect the goods from moisture attack. Thus metal surfaces that are not directly in contact with the film also benefit from protection.
  • Steel, cast iron, Galvanized steel, Nickel, Aluminum, Chrome, Zinc, Copper products can be protected.
  • Important to note : The surfaces to be protected must be dry and free from corrosion-promoting residues such as finger sweat, aggressive detergent- based substances and others. Acids and strong alkaline can also affect the corrosion protection system.
  • VCI papers also work on the similar principle of VCI film. A protective atmosphere is built up in packaging containing this paper, providing reliable protection against corrosion for metal components. Small to big size components can be packed. Size as per customer’s requirement can be supplied.
  • We can make different sizes of VCI bags as per customer’s requirements.


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