Polyester (PET) Strappings

Polyester (PET) Strappings

It is an unique packaging material which is user friendly than erstwhile straps. The features of polyester straps are

  • It offers elongation and elasticity characteristics that metal straps does not offer, this characteristic helps in maintaining the tension in the event of pack settlement.
  • It has no sharp edges, so product damage is minimized.
  • Rust, stain free and chemically inert.
  • Performs well under shock loading. Can absorb sudden force exerted.
  • Unaffected by weather and environment.
  • Le cutting the strap unlike steel strap it does not whiplash. Hence chances of accidents are reduced.
  • Light weight, good aesthetics, ease of handling, cost effective.
  • Manual tools with clips or battery operated automatic tools can be used to do the strapping.
  • We can supply polyester strap of width from 12 mm, 15 mm, 19 mm and thickness from 0.7 mm to 1.27 mm.

Any other size as per customer requirement can be manufactured.

  • Elongation : 9 – 12%
  • Elastic return : appx. 6%
  • Strap color : Standard color is green. Other colors available
  • Surface finish : Embossed / Plain
  • Printing : Available at extra charge
  • Core size : 203 mm/ 406 mm / as per customer’s requirement.
Manual Strapping Tool Set : It consists of tensioner & sealer suitable for PET straps.
  • Economical compared to Battery operated tools.
  • Easy to handle.
  • Easily availability i.e. Ex-stock available with us.
  • User friendly.
Metal Clips

There are two types of metal clips :

  • Open type
  • Close type


Multitechdesiccant polyester (PET) strappings are high-strength, durable, and cost-effective strappings designed for use in heavy-duty packaging and transportation applications. Our polyester straps are manufactured using advanced technologies and are available in a variety of sizes, colors, and widths. Our polyester straps are perfect for bundling and securing large, heavy items and provide superior load holding strength, excellent abrasion resistance, and excellent UV stability. Our polyester straps are available in a wide range of lengths and widths, making them ideal for any application. Multitech Desiccant is a leading Polyester Strap Manufacturers of high-quality polyester straps for a wide range of industrial applications.

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